Friday, July 19, 2024
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Activity “Ride the train to visit Prasat Muang Thi” (Mueang Thi, Old City, Pathom Pathom Surin)

🎊Surindra Rajabhat University Co-organized the exhibition (Mueang Thi, Old City, Pathom City of Surin) by Asst. Prof. Chalong Sukthong, President of Rajabhat University, along with Asst. Prof. Peerawat Inthawee, Director of the Office of Arts and Culture. Lead the management team and personnel travel to attend this event Between 9-10 December 2022 under the activity “Take a train to visit Prasat Mueang Thi” (Mueang Thi, Old City, Primal City of Surin) at Mueang Thi Sub-district, Surin Province by Mr. Praphat Srichanwiang. Sheriff of Mueang Surin presided over the opening ceremony
🎊At the event, there was a photo exhibition. From the Office of Arts and Culture, PSU. Sor Ror. Tells about the story of (Muang Thi, Old City, Pathom City of Surin) with a discussion, as well as local cultural performances of the people of Muang Thi Sub-district. Make the atmosphere in the event warm Filled with the smell of the city, the old city creates a lot of smiles and happiness for the Tambon Muang Tee community.